The Devil is in the Details

Writers, entrepreneurs, encore performers in whatever new “hustle” you are diving into—MOUNT UP and get a plan, rather craft a plan.  One of the things that frustrated me most about the operation of the office I most recently worked in was the reactive approach to every task. Eight times out of ten, there was no need for the fire storms of upheaval of everyone’s schedule with the “all hands on deck” approach to getting “to-do’s” done.  Why must another’s emergency become mine…I was minding my own business, literally.  Flipping ridiculous, was what it was.  Anywhoo…


Having blogged now for a week and linking the blog to my newly formed Twitter and newly formed Facebook page, I recognize a few things: 1) blogging at midnight to make sure I blog everyday is making for a cranky Lauren.  Never a good look; 2) blogging at midnight because I don’t know what the hell to blog about, makes for a frustrated Lauren, not a good look either.  This is supposed to be fun; 3) same content on every social media medium makes for a bored Lauren, again, this ain’t a good look for me; and 4) my goal in developing and managing my author’s platform is not going to be met NO time soon if I don’t determine the best approach to take, based on my resources of current knowledge, talent and time.  So before this marketing train of author platform gathers steam and I find myself chasing a 100 mph disaster, I decided to spend today creating a plan so that I can start working a plan.  What I am hoping this exercise will do is  1) alleviate this current feeling of stress because I don’t have a plan (not having a clue nor a plan is bad business); 2) by outlining the plan for managing my own author platform, I can perhaps generate business in helping others develop their marketing platforms via social media (in various industries); 3) developing a clear vision in how to make sure the work in managing this platform eventually generates the results I would like to see with regard to writing, will actually help me become more laser focused in determining what my priorities should be in writing, so one complements the other one; and 4) outlining a content schedule will, I hope, bring into focus, the “stinkin’ thinkin'” in my plan—what may not work, where my deficiencies are in my communication/marketing plan adjust, re-adjust and continuously move forward.

My intended tangible outcomes to be able post around my office for easy reference are: Continue reading The Devil is in the Details