My Granny used to say, “Hindsight is 20/20.”  Today’s events that I mentally meandered my way through, brought to mind, Granny.  As a newly minted entrepreneur, I am fast learning, rather, being reminded of a few lessons that may prove helpful for my other comrades-in-arms who are Encore Performers.  Hell, these little gems are great for you young ones too–what do you call yourselves, Millennials.  

I have God on speed dial.  His child is steadfast in sending up prayers…keeping my Father on “the hot line.”  I realized today as I struggled to remain encouraged after a potential client did not approve a proposal for the fee I requested, that I may have to “give away” a couple of hours of labor to prove myself, in exchange for paid writing samples. I also realized I have probably been dangling on God’s last good nerve with my incessant prayers. Sometimes, his daughter can be a little dense. Continue reading 20/20