The Devil is in the Details

Writers, entrepreneurs, encore performers in whatever new “hustle” you are diving into—MOUNT UP and get a plan, rather craft a plan.  One of the things that frustrated me most about the operation of the office I most recently worked in was the reactive approach to every task. Eight times out of ten, there was no need for the fire storms of upheaval of everyone’s schedule with the “all hands on deck” approach to getting “to-do’s” done.  Why must another’s emergency become mine…I was minding my own business, literally.  Flipping ridiculous, was what it was.  Anywhoo…


Having blogged now for a week and linking the blog to my newly formed Twitter and newly formed Facebook page, I recognize a few things: 1) blogging at midnight to make sure I blog everyday is making for a cranky Lauren.  Never a good look; 2) blogging at midnight because I don’t know what the hell to blog about, makes for a frustrated Lauren, not a good look either.  This is supposed to be fun; 3) same content on every social media medium makes for a bored Lauren, again, this ain’t a good look for me; and 4) my goal in developing and managing my author’s platform is not going to be met NO time soon if I don’t determine the best approach to take, based on my resources of current knowledge, talent and time.  So before this marketing train of author platform gathers steam and I find myself chasing a 100 mph disaster, I decided to spend today creating a plan so that I can start working a plan.  What I am hoping this exercise will do is  1) alleviate this current feeling of stress because I don’t have a plan (not having a clue nor a plan is bad business); 2) by outlining the plan for managing my own author platform, I can perhaps generate business in helping others develop their marketing platforms via social media (in various industries); 3) developing a clear vision in how to make sure the work in managing this platform eventually generates the results I would like to see with regard to writing, will actually help me become more laser focused in determining what my priorities should be in writing, so one complements the other one; and 4) outlining a content schedule will, I hope, bring into focus, the “stinkin’ thinkin'” in my plan—what may not work, where my deficiencies are in my communication/marketing plan adjust, re-adjust and continuously move forward.

My intended tangible outcomes to be able post around my office for easy reference are:

  1.  A definitive blog frequency schedule (daily just might be too much for me 🙂 ) I am already bored at the thought of having to do this, so I have already decided it will be 90 day schedules that I create.
  2.  Prioritized list of novels, short stories and photographic essays that need to be finish and evicted from the recesses of my grey matter, to determine the type of content of social media pages.
  3. Determine how each social media outlet, Twitter, FB, blog (I want to eventually add, LinkedIn and Instagram) will complement the other, using as a content guide for each, the results of #2.
  4.  Develop a content schedule for the blog, FB and Twitter
  5. Use the info gleaned from #1, #2, #3, and #4 to begin outlining content and design of my author’s website.

Details, details….I hate details.  Dang if there aren’t details in creating a meaningful to-do list. As I work on it, I am quite sure the to-do list will change and that is the point of this–to be as thorough as possible to minimize “oopsey-daisies” and all out, “oh shits.”

I equate details with a mountain of paperwork and process execution, typically of a non-creative nature.  Ugh!  However,  I have absolutely zero interest in being “burned” by not having made a plan for myself.  Therefore, I am taking heed to my Granny’s sage advice when she used to say, “The Devil is in the Details.”

(Hey…check out my earlier posts made this past week for nuggets of inspiration and encouragement as you continue on your journey through a new endeavor.)


5 thoughts on “The Devil is in the Details

  1. Lauren,

    It sounds like you are probably really good at putting the details together! I write mostly for Law and Order Magazine and it requires huge amounts of research and I am often juggling several articles at the same time. The things that really frustrate me are the things I can’t control. I am always trying to link up with people for either email or phone interviews and even when it would be to their benefit to contact me most times, it seems to take forever and they are not as responsive as I want them to be. Finally I had to realize I could only control what I was doing! I also have a blog and feel I need to pay more attention to keeping things on schedule with it. Thanks for your post!


    1. I appreciate you reaching out Sherlock. I have several ideas rattling around amongst the gray matter, one item of which is a whodunit. It is amazing what just a little networking will do in terms of great return dividends in meeting people and being introduced to their work.

      I am sure you have done this, so please take this as a just a friendly reminder. Getting interviews are like pulling hen’s teeth because people, while they like talking about themselves or what they know, are skiddish, scary creatures. (Reality TV and TMZ has not helped) 🙂 So…when you seek out these “frightened” souls, be sure to tell them up front what is in it for them..spell it out so they don’t have to think about it. We are all babies at heart and enjoy being spoon-fed. Re-assure them that the questions posed will not be of a nature that will put them in a bad light; and this come from a page out of Oprah’s playbook when she interviewed Maya Angelou before they became sister-friends, promise a SHORT timeframe and stick to it or come in under it. Try never to give the questions in advance if you can help it because it makes for a rehearsed boring interview and upset subject if you don’t answer in the order they initially received them and impose a deadline. If there is no urgency, people will back burner your request. I realize this was unsolicited advice, but I hope the reminders help you in ascertaining those interviews in a more timely manner.

      I hear you about keeping things on schedule. I have been damn negligent with this blog. It started out with hope and promise and I realized, I should have had communication strategy and content schedule before I started skipping down the primrose path with the October Challenge. Do what you can…remain diligent (hopefully I will take my own advice) and treat the interviews like Angelenos look for “winter” in Los Angeles. We know it’s coming…just don’t know when. While we moan and drone on about the heat…we secretly enjoy every sweltering minute of it because we know that weather that befalls Chicago and the east coast…we have ZERO interest in experiencing.


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