No Rest for the Wicked, the Weary…or the Entrepreneur

The challenge today, to build my author’s platform included establishing a Twitter account. Yet another media platform to post on and manage.  In the long run it will be great and essential in helping me to better market my work and therefore I am telling myself, “suck it up, buttercup” and get this done.

When I saw the goal for the challenge, I thought, “oh five minutes to complete, great cause I got other stuff to focus on today.”  Dang if that Twitter didn’t take up the better part of my day, then there was the trying to link to FB, which, hell, I still don’t know if I did, and my goal of posting this blog and something to FB by noontime….came and went.

Earlier today I spent the late morning and early afternoon sitting in a seminar that will eventually prove beneficial to a start up business I co-own with a good friend of mine.  The Lord above only knows when I am going to have time to let my brain absorb that info in a meaningful way to apply it to our business, so as to lend a return on investment of my time, sooner than later. Eh…I have to look at this as the planting season, sowing seeds great effort and edification to reap great dividends in having successful enterprises.

It is now 8:20p and I am taking a break from a freelance writing job I have, to address this bit of business that is my blog.    My intent is not to ramble on about my schedule I had, though, yea it does seem that it is what this blog post is for today.

I’m recounting my haphazard schedule of checking things off my to-do list to remind you Encore Entrepreneurs, that there is no rest for the wicked….(I can’t make up what I am about to share with you) I began writing this at about 8:15p.  It is now 9:17.  No, I don’t form thoughts that slowly.  As I was typing, I heard what sounded like someone taking a lawn mower to my front lawn, in the dark.  I walk out of my office to the living room to investigate and realize it is my refrigerator in the kitchen.  Water is flowing from the closed freezer door like Niagara Falls.  My ice maker has decided to go south.  This is after it was replaced just four months ago.  I share that with you to prove, there is ABSOLUTELY no rest for the already weary, and you, my fellow Encore Entrepreneur, there will be no rest for you in the short or long term.  But guess what, it is hard work that you are investing in yourself!

So drink another sugary energy drink, a black eye from Starbucks or whatever it takes to get a third wind of energy and carry on!

(Wow, who knew when I wrote the title I would get an even better understanding of what that phrase meant, before I finished this blog.  SMH)  🙂


5 thoughts on “No Rest for the Wicked, the Weary…or the Entrepreneur

  1. What is that you always say? “The devil is hard at work!” He just wanted to throw a little more your way to test your faith!!! Did you make God proud? Did you count your blessings? Or did you course up a storm?

    Remember, life is full of surprises and some more pleasant than others but what fun would it be if everyday was the same?

    This is why coffee was made…to keep us up when we are tired and God has given us faith to keep us going when we are weary. Keep it up my friend…there is light at the end of the tunnel. Believe!!!!


    1. WHOO….you better preach, my friend! Yep, the devil is damn busy, but when he decided to rear his ugly head with that frig, again, I politely invited him up out of my house. Surprisingly, I didn’t say one profane word. He can keep on walking with his shenanigans. His brand of humor ain’t welcome on this corner of the world and nowhere on or around the compound!

      I am energized by the surprises…if they are free or nominal in cost. Lol

      So I am thinking, there needs to be some art making going on, on the other end of the compound….ya know, with all these inspirational quotes you have. I know this is nothing but a God, working through you…you got the sayings right!!! Lol


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