Lauren Y. Walker is a writer of historical fiction, women’s fiction and essays.  Writing has been a dream deferred for her.  Having enjoyed a 20+ year career as a radio and t.v. producer and most recently, a media services provider in the non-profit sector, she is harnessing her experience, creativity and chutzpah to embark upon her third career–Writer/Digital Historian.

Time & Again Typewriter

Coming soon!

Get your week in gear by enjoying life lessons from the sage perspective of a cool Granny on Monday. Come back mid-week for Wednesday Re-Wind.  These posts will feature a story of an event of historical import set in a mid-west town, immersing readers in a close-knit community that time seemingly has forgotten, complete with intrigue, love, lust and sometimes shady business and politics that is oh too relevant to today; and round out the week with Friday Follies.  Friday’s posts will feature interviews, guest blogs, how-to lists,  and roundups; all providing info and inspiration writers can use on the weekend as they hang out their “gone writing” signs to put pen to paper-fingertips to keys.

Let this spot be your virtual cafe to chill–to have your soul nourished, your funny bone tickled, your imagination run loose and your inspiration fueled. Roll with Lauren on her journey as she steps out on faith to make her encore performance the best ever-a dream realized.

Until November, be inspired through previously posted blogs of lessons Lauren has learned while embarking upon this creative endeavor.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Lauren! I’m one of your platform challenge mates, and I hope that you will be one of the people I connect with this month because you seem to be one of the friendliest folks in our group! I’m also doing NaNoWriMo, so feel free to find me in there and we can encourage each other as needed. If you don’t see me in cyberspace as Traci Nathaniel Walker, then look for me as Brazenbookbug. That is my virtual-sunglasses name. Keep up the fantastic progress this month and we’ll do it all again in November, novel style.


    1. Traci,
      Looking forward to going along the NaNo journey with you! WHOODY WHOO!! Thanks for reaching out. I will look you up and try to connect with you. If I have trouble, I will reach out to you on your email.


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